Cross Promo Club

A platform for creators, makers, indiehackers and founders to collaborate on cross promotions and marketing

Promotion is hard

Promote together and grow your numbers

Cross Promo Club is a platform for creators to promote each other. It's a fast way to get more reach, brand awareness and sales for your projects. A cross promotion partnership will also build relationships with other people in the creators world that could help you later.

Save time, money and boost your brand

You can collaborate with businesses similar to yours and easily market and promote each other’s products or services to a larger audience.

Make new friends and network connections

We have built a community of like-minded people who want to help you, and you can help them too! Members grow through cross promo activities.

Uncover new sales and marketing

Set criteria for your ideal partner, find your best match, then collaborate on promotions through a simple yet powerful process.

The Perfect Match

It helps you grow your business, business success is the bottom line. Join our FUN and FAST community and share expertise to generate more sales and opportunities.

Did you know ..

Did you know that collaborating with other businesses can bring you exposure to new audiences, grow your brand, and increase your sales? Cross Promo Club is a place for creators, makers, indiehackers and founders who are looking for a place to collaborate on their marketing efforts.

In The Package

A collaboration platform for cross promotions and marketing.

  • You can cross promote in your category or across other categories, that includes newsletters, SaaS, communities, digital products, writers, podcasts, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Shopify, Gumroad and others

  • Club Password Access to private platform listings sorted by categories

  • List your own, access to onboarding, members area and manage your account details



For a limited time only, membership is free. But this offer will not last forever, so get your access while you still can.

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The Founder Story

I used to think of my online community as something separate from my real life — it was just a place where I could mess around and share funny cat videos. But now, through Cross Promo Club, I've learned that my online relationships are just as important as any other.

The platform is a great place to get feedback on your ideas and collaborate with others on promotions and marketing.

If you're at all interested in learning more about this style of marketing, signing up for Cross Promo Club is a no-brainer. - Darren Travel

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